Golden State Plan Service


  • Largest State Wide Network in California
  • Participating plan rooms active since 1890
  • 18 Plan Room covering the entire State of California
  • Over 16,370 projects in our plan room in 2016
  • Over 3,159,270 User Interactions in 2016
  • Each local plan room is dedicated to finding local projects
  • Daily additions for Residential, Public Works and Commercial projects
  • Each plan room can access the entire state wide network
  • Online Plan Room is Mobile Friendly
  • Plan viewing and measuring software included
  • Filter project searches by cities, county and project name
  • Daily reports on new projects entered
  • Automated notifications on addenda, bid date changes and plan revisions
  • No outsourcing, No offsite tech support, no out of state staff searching for local projects. Our network of plan room employees know, and are known by, the builders, architects and public works agencies.
  • Local benefits including Workers Comp Discounts, Retirement Plans, Group Health, Dental, Vision, Legal Support
  • Local Safety Training including Fork Lift Certification, CPR, First Aid, Ladder, Open Trench, Osha Classes, Lead Paint
  • Business Training includes Excel Spreadsheets, Contractor Licensing, Prevailing Wage, Mechanics Liens, Estimating
  • Local community support improving parks, schools, historic buildings
  • Legislative efforts combining the voice of thousands of contractors at the Federal, State, County and Local Levels.  Permit streamlining, permit fee reduction, legislative and local code review activities in local business improvement discussions

To post a project to our State Wide Network or for questions about membership, please contact us at